Call Invite: Tuesday, July 30 @2PM ET | State of Play - Congress' Ambitious Drug Price Agenda

07/25/19 12:56PM EDT

State of Play | Congress' Ambitious Drug Price Agenda

Tuesday, July 30 @2PM CT

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First it was by July 4th. Then it was by August recess. Now the best case ETA for floor action on Congress' complex and far reaching drug price legislation is after the Labor Day holiday. The new schedule allows the Senate at least to live up to its reputation as the World's Most Deliberative Body. It also gives a raft of special interests an opportunity to bring all their lobbying acumen to bear on Members of Congress and the White House. To keep the best track of the sausage making, we will lay out the areas of agreement and disagreement and likely compromises that may emerge when September comes.


  • Revisiting the Rebate Rule
  • The Future of the International Pricing Index proposed rule, if any
  • New disclosure requirement for PBMs, health plans and others
  • Price "controls" of Medicare drugs
  • Commercial rebate pass-through
  • Commercial v Medicaid spread pricing prohibition
  • And more.

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Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy


Thomas Tobin
Managing Director


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