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At 3:10pm today, we sent out a survey regarding to Mark Mobius' shirt. Below are a few of the responses:

"I think this is what Goldman Sachs would call 'a shirty deal'."

"Bearish if he is wearing a thong"


"Squeamish… Or if that's not okay, then bearish."

"Pukish, perhaps?"

"It made me want to wrap a big turban on his head and give him a crystal ball.

I think I am going find a company that makes golden genie lamps……"

"Mr. Clean never looked so good…"



“Tigerish – Snoopy’s calling the shots”

“I could get to c)tiger by connecting the same dots but I am going to offer the Krute.  Mobius looks like Yul Brynner in the King and I.  The National emblem of Thailand (Siam in the King and I)is the Krute.  There are also a lot of Tigers in Thailand also.  Nevertheless, "The Krute is believed to appear whenever the country's in turmoil, in its greatest form, Aroonsuck, Thai for the beginning or Alpha, to serve its role as defender of Thailand."  So...Mobius, a value investor looks for Alpha(Aroonsuck)when prices are lowest (turmoil).”

“[In the] what was he thinking category!”

"Extremely Bearish… Dude, seriously? Laid back"

"I’d say Tigerish, but I am haunted by the photo of Putin standing on top of the Siberian Tiger that he popped a cap into… Maybe that’s where Moby got his shirt."

"Bullish, aliens contributing to macro"

"Spain Rallied on huge volume when the shirt hit the tape"

"Bullish on retail, this will be the new apparel style! I like it"

“Gonna have to go with Tigerish. WOW that's a bit much...”

"Definitely tigerish"

Results from the Macro Survey of the Day - Pic of the Day

Thanks for participating, everyone.

Your Macro Team

Hedgeye Risk Management