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Takeaway: Call @ 10AM ET. Dial-in and Webcast Access Below.

Today at 10:00AM, we will be hosting a live studio event with Hedgeye Managing Director Ami Joseph, who heads our Technology Sector.


Participating Dialing Instructions

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Confirmation Number: 13692637

Demography Unplugged Subscribers: CLICK HERE for event details (includes video link, materials link and dial-in).

HAPPENING @ 10AM | Why Everything in Tech Will Change in Ways Xers (& Boomers) Aren’t Expecting - Invite slide 1

Our curiosity is piqued. We can see some evidence of cyclical technology saturation. As this cycle wanes we wonder what will the next one look like? Which tech companies will thrive and grow, and which will fail? As we thought about it at a very high level we realized that the growth of the Millennial generation will be a key determinant in answering these questions. Will software companies continue to start-up and scale-up at a rapid pace? Will we see innovation in consumer electronics that introduces new platforms, or will current platform owners win? And what political or generational risks are emerging for the platform companies?

HAPPENING @ 10AM | Why Everything in Tech Will Change in Ways Xers (& Boomers) Aren’t Expecting - Invite slide 2


  • Where are we in the long-term historical cycle of technological innovation?
  • How is this cycle driven by generational change? And what exactly are those changes?
  • What are the most important behavioral and attitudinal shifts we can expect over the next decade?
  • Which types of companies and technologies stand to win or lose owing to the new generation of the buyers and decision-makers in the Millennial generation? 

We hope you can join us for the live discussion, however a webcast replay will also be posted shortly after the call.

Neil Howe
Managing Director 


Ami Joseph
Managing Director 


Yosef Vaitsblit