Are You Positioned For #FullCycleInvesting?

07/22/19 08:49AM EDT

With U.S. headline GDP likely to hit its lowest point since 2016 when announced at the end of July, getting positioned for longer term moves is critically important, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explained recently in the clip above.

“Get the trending rates of change of the cycle right, you’ll get full cycle investing right,” McCullough explains.

“Between the lows of 2016 and now, no one has seen a one on [headline] GDP.”

In addition, Senior Macro analyst Darius Dale highlights the unprecedented economic growth since 2016.

“A lot of good things we’ve seen are in the rear-view mirror. It’s very dangerous to extrapolate that forward to just how difficult the base effects might be as we get to the back half of the year,” he explains.

Watch the full clip above for more.

Are You Positioned For #FullCycleInvesting? - the macro show

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