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Takeaway: On Tuesday we presented our 3Q 2019 Health Care Themes

Replay | 3Q 2019 Health Care Themes | TDOC, DXCM, UNH, THC, DVA - 3Q 2019 Health Care Themes

Replay | 3Q 2019 Health Care Themes

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Intro: 0:34 - 4:09

Quad Environment: 4:10-8:23

Style Factors: 8:25-10:21

Revision Cycle by Quad: 10:22- 13:30

EV/Sales: 13:31 - 14:33

Revision v Daily Performance: 14:34-15:06 

What are we seeing as markers of health care consumptions: 15:08 - 20:51

THC: 20:52 - 22:06

DXCM and TDOC: 22.07 -  28:14


Intro: 28:16-29:27

ACA Constitutionality Challenge: 29:28-36:26

Democratic Nomination 36:27-40:14

Drug Pricing Legislation 40:15-47:23

Executive Order on Price Transparency 47:23-47:47

Cannabis Regulation: 47:49-48:20

ESRD Treatment Choice Model: 48:21 - 55:22

AB290: 55:23-56:01

Medicare Rule-A-Rama 56:02-56:42

Q&A: 56:43-End

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Thomas Tobin
Managing Director


Emily Evans
Managing Director – Health Policy