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We see bullish potential in Roku (ROKU), even after some big moves this year. The reason why is primarily due to the rapidly evolving streaming video landscape, according to Hedgeye Communications analyst Andrew Freedman.

Freedman says Roku is in a win-win scenario, even with our bearish outlook on Netflix (NFLX).

“Even with the stock up here, I think there is room for this thing to continue to run,” Freedman explains in the clip above.

“I think Netflix is reaching the end of its growth life cycle and turning into a value company as growth slows. Roku wins either way, because if Hulu is growing at a fast clip and Netflix is slowing or vice-versa, they’re a diversified platform based on ad dollars. So all things considered, it’s positive.”

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Why We Are Still Bullish on ROKU - hedgeye risk manager