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Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin and Health Policy analyst Emily Evans review their sector's current Position Monitor and more.


  • Anthem Inc (ANTM): Moved up and off the bench to our top Long position
  • DexCom, Inc. (DXCM): Dropped to the bottom of the Short list as the G5 app data suggests minimal conversion to G6
  • Tenet Healthcare Corp (THC): Positive field notes on patient volume ex-flu
  • Illumina, Inc. (ILMN): Highest priority Bench Long
  • Live Q&A

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Below is a sneak peak into Tom's latest thoughts and what he will address on today's segment:

My colleague sent me a great podcast link to the Joe Rogan Experience where he interviewed Jamie Metzl, the author of Hacking Darwin : Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity.  We had already been working toward building out our process for ILMN and coverage of the genetic testing arena, but the interview was eye opening. In addition to hearing a great interviewer do his work, the thorough and thoughtful Jamie Metzl added a whole new dimension to our analysis, particularly as we contemplate the policy framework that will impact the long term value of these technologies.  From  the layman to the expert, the podcast is worth a listen.

Meanwhile, as we lurch toward a dystopian future of genetically engineered babies, we still need to pick stocks and we added ANTM to our active Long list on Friday.  As we’ve discussed, the changing rules governing pharmaceutical rebates and discounts is likely to be bad for UNH, but as powerful a headwind the rule change will be for UNH, the advantages for ATHM is likely to be a big source of upside in the coming years. 

HERE is a link to the podcast that Tom references.