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Takeaway: We are adding SNE to the long side of Investing Ideas today.

During Day 4 of a US market smack-down who wants to "buy stocks"?

Probably not the people who were chasing charts at the all-time SPY highs last Friday... but we dip buyers of Bullish @Hedgeye TRENDs will gladly start to engage here.

One of our Tech analyst Ami Joseph's favorite names on the long side of our Institutional Research product remains Sony (SNE).

Here's a summary excerpt from one of his recent notes:

If this were OLD SONY, we would be dealing with the disaster of tough comps, weakening profits, bad balance sheet, weak CF characteristics, and a host of lame excuses from management.

Instead, today NEW SONY reports continuous improvement across almost the entire business. Sony products and segments continue to show revitalization, a path to winning, and a roadmap of improving profits.

The stock is ~11x trailing FCF...with cash flow rising, revenue improving, balance sheet increasingly richer, and overall group quality moving higher.  

Buy and cover on red - that's what we do,