Quad 3 Is Great For 'Stock Pickers'

05/07/19 01:33PM EDT


Quad 3 (growth slowing as inflation accelerates) can be a very challenging environment for investors.

Hedgeye Senior Macro analyst Darius Dale explains why right now is a great opportunity for “stock pickers” to make the most capital out of just about any other market scenario.

“The market doesn’t do anything in Quad 3 from an absolute perspective. The dispersion is happening beneath the hood,” Dale explains in the clip above from The Macro Show.

“If you’re a fundamental-oriented, alpha-seeking investor who’s picking stocks, picking stocks and doing the work on the company, you have not had a better period to make money since going back to 2015-16, 2011-12 and 2000-01.”

Watch the clip above for more.

Quad 3 Is Great For 'Stock Pickers' - early look

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