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Watch the replay below as Healthcare analyst Tom Tobin reviews his sector's current Position Monitor and more! 


  • Position Monitor: Updates to best investing ideas 
  • U.S. Medical Economy: Positive trends in the face of deteriorating sentiment
  • UnitedHealth Group Inc (UNH): Unlikely to break the fever anytime soon
  • AMN Healthcare Services, Inc.(AMN): Good 2Q19 guidance, entering a positive commodity cycle
  • Teladoc Health Inc (TDOC): Telemedicine trends in active users
  • Davita Inc (DVA): Earnings next week, still waiting on DMG sale, wage inflation as the biggest threat
  • LIVE Q&A

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Beginning in February 2019 Health Care found itself friendless and alone in Washington D.C., a 68 square mile patch on the shores of the Potomac River and home to 50% of U.S. Health Care revenue. It was during the last week of that fateful month that the ground shifted under the feet of Health Care investors and executives alike; fleece vests became too tight and wing tips pinched. The federal regulatory regime had finally run out of patience.

Pharma was under the spotlight of Senate Finance committee and the smartest lobby in town was at the microphone looking up at Senators (without the cooling benefit of Orin Hatch) questioning them about drug prices. If Republicans have traditionally filled a role as a friend of industry, those days were over. This new era begged the question: if Pharma was no longer bullet proof who else might fall victim? From there it was a short walk to #M4A whose narrative was perhaps was the easiest to repeat allowing it to win the title of least worst reason.

Fortunately, the U.S. Medical Economy chugs along as more people use more services and ignore the political climate.