This Generational Trend Is Bullish For Disney

05/02/19 10:31AM EDT

In this exclusive clip from our recent institutional Black Book presentation, “Media Consumption Across Generations,” Hedgeye Demography analyst Neil Howe joins forces with Communications analyst Andrew Freedman. The duo discuss opportunities ahead for Disney (DIS) and its stock.

World-renowned demographer Howe explains that millennials who were raised on Disney films will be firmly in the Disney camp going forward, following its acquisition of 21st Century Fox and the launch of its own video streaming service.

That’s bad news for competitors like Netflix and Viacom.

“Disney is the Coca-Cola of media brands. It’s iconic,” Howe explains in the clip above. “You interview millennials who are just starting to have kids, and they all swear by Disney because that was their experience.”

Freedman agrees that good things are on the horizon.

“Disney has always been about capturing the household unit,” he explains. “Now, with this Disney Plus service, they’re going to control the pipe. They’re going to be able to feed you anything you could ever want and control that relationship.”

Watch the full clip above for more.

This Generational Trend Is Bullish For Disney - demography unplugged

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