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Editor's Note: The chart and brief excerpt below are from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye Senior Macro Analyst Darius Dale.

CHART OF THE DAY: Remember #Quad3 In 2008? - za1

I’m glad that the economic elites are finally willing to admit that artificially low interest rates have perpetuated widespread industry consolidation, which contributed to reduced bargaining power for labor, which itself was causal to stagnant real median household income growth over the better part of two decades. Because we, The People, have gotten the [not-so-funny] joke all along. 

Well the joke’s on you, Chairman Powell, because thanks to our rules-based GIP Model risk management overlay, clients and subscribers of Hedgeye know exactly how to how profit from the Fed’s ongoing destruction of American dynamism – i.e. by pivoting their portfolios #Quad3. 

We advocated that investors begin that transition a little over a month ago and here is how key #Quad3 factor exposure pair trades have performed a one-month price momentum basis: 

CHART OF THE DAY: Remember #Quad3 In 2008? - Chart of the Day