Should Tech Giants Be Worried About Anti-Trust Pressure?

02/08/19 10:30AM EST

A trillion dollar question: Should Amazon, Facebook, Google and other tech goliaths be worried about anti-trust legislation and other regulations from the U.S. government?

According to Hedgeye Telcom & Communications Policy analyst Paul Glenchur (who is also a member of the Anti-Trust Bar) the answer is … possibly.

There are growing concerns that regulations or penalties like the recent ones in Europe levied against Google could be coming down the pike for those big corporations.

“Largely the concerns are driven from the Democratic side of the aisle…but there are bipartisan concerns too,” Glenchur explains in the clip above.

“There’s always the argument that the newest technology will come along, and do the displacing, and you wouldn’t need the government or the anti-trust laws to do it. But a lot of folks aren’t going to be that patient.”

Watch the full clip above for more.

Should Tech Giants Be Worried About Anti-Trust Pressure? - early look

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