Takeaway: We have new insight and confidence as to how this call will work, as well as how to risk manage timing of the business model change.

A lot has changed since we presented our initial Best Idea Long Black Book on Gildan last summer. This became particularly clear to us over the weekend while spending time with Gildan management as well as its customers and competitors at the ISS (Imprinted Sportswear Show) trade show in L.A. Overall, we walked away bullish on the company’s ability to fill its new capacity both faster and with higher margin business than even we initially expected. We also think that given the acceleration in growth and changes to the company’s cash flow algorithm 2019/20 should be different compared to what we have seen in prior years of this cycle. It’s critical to understand the TREND bridge/quarterly cadence in sales, gross margins, SG&A and inventories as the business model inflects. As such, we’ll be presenting a new Black Book next Wednesday January 30th at 10am to fully outline all aspects of how we think you make money on this call, and how we get to $50 per share over 18 months.

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