McCullough: This Market Shows Who the Real Investing Pros Are

01/09/19 10:09AM EST

While many “Macro Tourists” may still be waiting for a story like a trade war resolution to turn the market around, the cold hard data continues to show that the U.S. economy – and others globally, like China and Europe – are slowing.

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains in the clip above that while this market is a lot harder to make money in, investors with a data-driven process will outscore the tourists every time.

“If the market is suddenly going to go into the next globally synchronized recovery, the data certainly doesn’t know about that,” McCullough explains.

“This is where the real men and women get paid. This is where you really figure out who the pros are.”

Watch the clip above from The Macro Show for more.

McCullough: This Market Shows Who the Real Investing Pros Are - early look

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