Takeaway: Nomination window has come/gone and DLTR is ripping. A new set of questions needs to be asked/answered. We’ll tackle all of ‘em.

Dollar Tree Remains one of our top Long Ideas. With the DLTR Board nomination window having come and gone without a 13D, we’re presenting a Black Book next Thursday the 10th at 12:30 EST to outline the decision tree from here for both the Board, management, and (increasingly frustrated) shareholders. When the stock flirted with $80, a lot could be taken on faith about value being unlocked. Above $90 some more serious questions have to be answered about the trajectory of the base business (including downside support), the viability of managements remodel strategy, the changes that could be made by Tad Dickson (new change-agent Board Member who started 2 days ago), and the change in posturing of key shareholders that can still buck the nomination window in search of more than two Board seats. 

Call Details
Date: Thursday, January 10th, 2019 at 12:30pm
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Confirmation Number: 13686308
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