HAPPENING NOW | The 2018 Midterms: Surprises, Anomalies, and Outlook for 2020

12/20/18 09:48AM EST

I am hosting a special call today at 10:00am ET to present the Demography Sector's in-depth analysis of the 2018 midterms. With the final results tallied, it's time to reflect on what we learned. How did different demographic groups vote? Which party truly "won" the election? What are the major themes that will dominate the political discourse through 2020? We will answer all of these questions and more.

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  • Making Voter Turnout Great Again
  • Among Voters: Rising Age, Gender, Education, Race, and Income Gaps
  • Larger 2018 Themes
    • In the Freshman Class: Rising Gender and Race Gap
    • Bluer Suburbs, Redder Countryside
    • GOP Turns Trumpier
    • Democrats Drift Left
    • Democrats Weaken the GOP's State-Level Dominance
  • Scorecard: So Who Really Won?
  • Outlook
    • What's in Store for the 116th Congress?
    • Looking Ahead to 2020


Please join us today at 10:00am ET using the dial-in instructions below. Video and materials will be made available before the call.

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