McCullough: What's Behind The #Quad4 Market Hurricane

10/24/18 03:03PM EDT

We have been warning investors

...about #Quad4 In Q4 since releasing our 4Q 2018 Macro Themes on September 28th.

But what exactly is Quad 4?

It simply means that growth and inflation slow in rate-of-change terms. With two straight weeks of declines in major U.S. stock market indices, Quad 4 has officially arrived.

In this clip from our 4Q 2018 Macro Themes, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains exactly why the U.S. economy is heading towards that Quad 4 hurricane.

“Dig into these components and understand how unbelievably good the numbers got versus how bad they were looking backwards,” McCullough explains.“That is why we’ve had such an acceleration: you have to have a very red situation to compare against.”

Watch full clip above for more

McCullough: What's Behind The #Quad4 Market Hurricane - the macro show

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