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Takeaway: Please join our policy team as they discuss the implications of mid-term elections on the Trump agenda in 2019 and beyond.

Please join Emily Evans, Health Policy Managing Director; Paul Glenchur, Senior Analyst, Telecommunications & Cable; and Daryl Jones, Director of Research on Thursday, Oct. 18th @ 2pm ET for a preview of the policy and political implications of the mid-term elections on President Trump's agenda in 2019 and beyond. Along with prognostications on who will control the House and the Senate come January, our analysts will also discuss:

  • Implications for anti-trust enforcement on select sectors like beverages, airlines, health care, and technology. Both President Trump and Democrats have highlighted excessive consolidation in certain industries as a policy concern. Democrats' takeover of the House may pave the way for changes to 30 years or more of anti-trust regulation.
  • Infrastructure spending and the possibility of a grand bargain between Republicans and Democrats. President Trump's goal of a massive infrastructure initiative has been stymied by deficit hawks who may get more influential after the 2018 elections. Will bi-partisanship win the day?
  • Trade policy - more of the same? With moderates retiring or going down in defeat, free-trade influences may be reduced thus further emboldening the president and making Wall Street nervous
  • Drug prices and the slow disintegration of PhaRMA's influence. Trump's efforts to "break" Washington has extended to most corners of the capital including the venerable and usually unbeatable pharmaceutical lobby. A win for Democrats could mean bi-partisan cooperation on legislative changes.

Access the webcast and presentation materials HERE. We will be distributing a replay of the webcast shortly after the call concludes for those of you who cannot join us live. 

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