Best Idea Short Call Today | Microchip Technology $MCHP

10/17/18 10:25AM EDT

Our Tech analyst Ami Joseph issued his short call on Microchip Technology (MCHP) on June 22nd. The stock has fallen 30% since. He believes the stock has additional downside ahead.

He's hosting an in-depth institutional "Black Book" call today at 2:00pm ET. Email for access.

Best Idea Short Call Today | Microchip Technology $MCHP - zmchp

Best Idea Short Call Today | Microchip Technology $MCHP - zdrag


  • MCHP in transition from Linear to ON
  • How far back does inorganic share gain count for MCU? 
  • Adding up the puzzle pieces, what does organic growth look like on a forward basis for the new MCHP?
  • MSCC discovery still ahead
  • Semi Cycle tactics and thoughts on stocks we would look to buy out of the rubble
  • Your favorite Defamation Lawsuit (which we previewed Monday in our note: MCHP | Happy is the Short Who Presses When Target Sues Acquirer for Defamation)

Email for access

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