FLASHBACK | McGough: 'Huge Upside' At Dollar Tree

10/16/18 02:33PM EDT

FLASHBACK | McGough: 'Huge Upside' At Dollar Tree - zdr

According to a new story in the New York Post, billionaire investor Carl Icahn is accumulating a significant stake in Dollar Tree (DLTR) — the discount retailer that acquired its rival Family Dollar in a 2015 deal that Icahn himself had lobbied for.

Icahn’s plans for the Dollar Tree stake weren’t immediately clear. Reached on Monday, he declined to comment

For the record, veteran Hedgeye Retail analyst Brian McGough has been highlighting the investing opportunity at Dollar Tree for some time. Last month, he hosted a special Black Book "Let's Get Active" where he spelled out the upside for institutional investors.

A couple weeks ago he had this to say in his morning note to investors.

FLASHBACK | McGough: 'Huge Upside' At Dollar Tree - zmacd

Here's an excerpt from his black book call:


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