• Reality Check: Why The "Millennial Boom" Won’t Save The U.S. Economy

    World-renowned demographer Neil Howe explains why Wall Street’s optimists should prepare for a “grim” U.S. economic outlook. Read the report free.

Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt and chart from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough. Click here to learn more about the Early Look.

I know. This probably sounds as crazy as it did when we told you to get out of European Equities 1-year ago and out of China and Emerging Markets in January of 2018. 

What’s even crazier about all of this is that if the last 3 weeks are signaling anything, Mr. Market has already beaten me to the punch, selling the worst performing US Equity FACTOR EXPOSURE in Quad 4, Momentum, ahead of me. 

All I’ve done so far is move to buying the SECTOR STYLES I didn’t like for the 9-month run in Quad 2 (bond proxies). I haven’t gone all wild and crazy and started shorting something like Tech (XLK), yet. 

CHART OF THE DAY: Short Mo, Long Bond Proxies - Chart of the Day

CHART OF THE DAY: Short Mo, Long Bond Proxies - early look