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On June 14, 2017, Hedgeye Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver called Tesla a "blindingly obvious short."

Shares are down -12% since then and down -7% today alone. The latest news?

In an hourlong interview with The New York Times, [Tesla CEO Elon Musk] choked up multiple times, noting that he nearly missed his brother’s wedding this summer and spent his birthday holed up in Tesla’s offices as the company raced to meet elusive production targets on a crucial new model.

Why are we sticking with our short call on Tesla? Below are three videos laying out the broader thesis...

[WEBCAST] Why Tesla is a ‘Blindingly Obvious Short’ (3/22/18)

***This webcast was originally broadcast live on Hedgeye.com, March 22, 2018***

In the 50-minute video webcast below, Van Sciver lays out his Tesla short call. If you haven't already watched this, we highly suggest you check it out.

Van Sciver & McCullough Talk Tesla 2Q18 Earnings (8/3/18)

Van Sciver is joined by Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough on a recent edition of The Macro Show to discuss Tesla's 2Q18 earnings report. Watch the segment below as Van Sciver reiterates his bear call based on data - not ideology.

My Response To Today's Tesla Story In The WSJ (7/23/18)

According to a big story in the Wall Street Journal recently, Tesla has asked some suppliers to refund a portion of what the electric-car company has spent previously, an appeal that reflects the auto maker’s urgency to sustain operations during a critical production period. 

Below is a response to the news from Van Sciver. 

Here's Why We're (Still) Bearish on Tesla - market brief