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A question for Tesla CEO Elon Musk: If the story, product, and execution towards “profitability” is so clear to him, why cap the return at $420/share?

Another simple way to think about this is what Industrials analyst Jay Van Sciver tweeted this morning:

“The easiest way to get rid of short sellers is to post sustained profits. Companies do it all the time. Most companies are really communicative with shorts, actually, and often consider their criticisms respectfully.”

Elon, given the level of short interest alone, you’re stock would be at $540 or maybe even $640 on a squeeze via execution of your vision. So thanks in advance for limiting our losses.

CHART OF THE DAY: A Question for Tesla CEO Elon Musk - tsla CoD

CHART OF THE DAY: A Question for Tesla CEO Elon Musk - early look