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Takeaway: Short the tighty whities.

Shares of Hanesbrands (HBI) are getting absolutely crushed today. Last check, the stock is down over 13% after releasing its Q2 report. 

Hanesbrands Is Going to Zero - z sa

WHO said short it?

Our Retail analyst Brian McGough did.

As recently as this past Monday, when he held a call specifically recommending investors short HBI again.

Hanesbrands Is Going to Zero - z hanes

Here's what he is saying this morning:

Hanesbrands Is Going to Zero - zhbi

Hanesbrands Is Going to Zero - zhbi2

Here's a 1-minute video of his "Top-10" reasons:

For deeper insight, take a look at this piece: My ‘Big Short’ Call on Hanesbrands Could Become the Best of My Career

Hanesbrands Is Going to Zero - market brief