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Date & Time: Wednesday 7/18 @ 2:00PM ET
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Call Invite | Sony: Are You Looking For A Unique Long? - SNE Cartoon New

Sony is a unique LONG

The company is increasingly less exposed to underwhelming Electronics businesses and increasingly more exposed to healthy markets (Music), technology leadership (Image Sensor), strong brands (Pictures), and dominant content platforms (Playstation).

That the stock trades at ~11-12x trailing FCF x-SFH (a publicly traded Life Insurance sub), i.e. a massive discount to peers in the ~18-25x zone, is probably an indication that investors aren’t really believers in Sony’s recovery from two decades of "oy gevalt." 

Join us to review the cause of our bullish thesis

  • Sony Pictures forward slate
  • Playstation gaming outlook and software content roadmap
  • Our best effort at Operating Cash Flow by Segment
  • A comparison of leading image sensor technology
  • And more!

Why You Should Join This Call

Where else can you find a $60b equity that is improving from 2 decades of under-performance, still really cheap, minting cash, with catalysts for greater OP and value unlock on the horizon?! You CAN’T!

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