Takeaway: If McLean's model is right, GPS is a solid short. We're opening up our vetting process to you as we internally debate the merit of the call.

New product from our team…opening up our process so you can see how we roll. We debate ideas all the time, but most never see the light of day unless they become worthy of official ‘Best Idea’ status. We work not unlike a buyside model where my team consistently pitches me ideas, and then we go to the mat and drill down what has teeth and what doesn’t. 

Here’s a video of McLean pitching me GPS short side. It’s not baked, and I’m not yet convinced that it’s the right call. The price might not be right, and there are clearly top line issues we need to nail down before going heavy short side. But again, we want to open up the debate, share our initial work with you, and start a conversation on what could very well turn out to be a winner.

As the PM I want to be patient on this, but if McLean’s model is right, this name is a screaming short right now.

Watch the video above. Less than seven minutes. Let me and McLean know what you think.