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Why We Said #EuropeSlowing... 11 Months Ago - Italian bank cartoon

The mainstream media is waking up to our call on #GlobalDivergences.

"Investors are coming home to U.S. stocks as economic worries overseas upend bets on a wave of synchronized global growth," the Wall Street Journal writes this morning. Bonds in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece popped today and European equity markets tumbled as Italian Producer Price Index and Consumer, Business and Economic Confidence data disappointed expectations.

Here's the key takeaway from today's Early Look written by CEO Keith McCullough:

"When do secular (demographics, debts, deficits) and political issues really matter to macro markets? A: when cyclical growth is slowing. That’s not new this morning. Neither is the basic reality that market risks happen slowly sometimes, then all at once."

So while the mainstream media freaks out investors who haven't been positioned for #EuropeSlowing these past 11 months, we're here to remind you to stick with the process.

Here are a few videos to get you up to speed on our #EuropeSlowing call...

McCullough: Short Europe

(this video was originally published in February 2018)

The U.S. Is Growing. Europe Is Slowing

(this video was originally published in October 2017... we're now modelling a peak in U.S. growth heading into the back half of 2018)

Why We Said #EuropeSlowing... 11 Months Ago - market edges