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Believe it or not, opioid overdoses are now the eighth-leading cause of death in the United States surpassing even kidney disease and suicide. Addressing the national crisis remains a daunting task for healthcare companies. But Hedgeye Health Policy sector head Emily Evans believes three companies are up to the task.

As the nation tries to combat the opioid crisis, healthcare providers will need to invest a significant amount of capital to build or refurbish existing treatment facilities that are sorely lacking nationwide, as Evans explains in the clip above.

“You had this policy in the United States where you didn’t want people with mental health [issues] to be institutionalized. So, you essentially closed a lot of mental health facilities, which got rid of a lot of capacity,” Evans explains. “It’s going to be tough to ramp that up. That’s a fairly capital-intensive thing to do.”

Which three healthcare providers does Evans think are best positioned to take on this ramp-up? Watch the full clip to find out.

These 3 Healthcare Companies Could Tackle the Opioid Crisis - investing ideas