• Webcast: The Massive Tectonic Shifts in the Global Economy

    Trendspotting investment strategist and former WH economic advisor Pippa Malmgren talks markets and geopolitics with Keith McCullough

Looking for risks that could mean bad news for the market? The culprit could be sitting in your wallet.

“The biggest risk to macro markets would be a rising dollar, as opposed to one that just arrested its decline,” Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough says in the video clip above from a recent edition of The Macro Show.

“Consensus is still bearish. These people are talking about absolutely none of this.”

The dollar has been in steady decline for the past year as global markets strengthened. Now with #GlobalDivergences becoming clearer every day and world stock markets beginning to reverse course, the dollar could soon see a climb back upwards.

Watch the clip above for more.

McCullough: The Biggest Risk to the Market Right Now - the macro show