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There’s a ton at stake in the $85 billion AT&T/Time Warner mega-deal.

Win or lose, the US government’s case against a possible merger between AT&T (T) and Time Warner (TWX) will have huge ripple effects across the entire telecommunications industry.

That’s according to Hedgeye Telecom and Media expert Paul Glenchur, who laid out the possible scenarios in a recent presentation. While there is still a chance the sides may settle before the case goes to trial, Glenchur sees significant impacts on the industry.

“Everything is sort of held up until we see how the Justice Department’s case proceeds in terms of how to block this sort of vertical transaction,” Glenchur explains in the clip above.

Comcast (CMCSA), Twenty-First Century Fox (FOX), Verizon (VZ), CBS (CBS), Viacom (VIAB) and others could be positively or adversely affected by the DOJ’s decision.

The outcome could even trigger a possible reexamination of the Comcast-NBCU merger conditions, Glenchur says.

Investors should keep a close eye on this one. The case is scheduled to begin on March 19.

Watch the full clip above for more.

AT&T/Time Warner Merger May Unleash Wave of M&A Activity - investing ideas