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One critical question top of mind for investors in the 9 years since this bull market began:

When should I go bearish?

Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough has a simple tip: Measure and map the data every day and go bearish when then the data gets bearish.

There are some key catalysts coming in the near future that might suggest a long-awaited top.

These include:

  1. Tougher earnings comparisons
  2. Slowing year-over-year GDP growth

Now, before you get all “Chicken Little” and sell everything in your portfolio…

This data will be reported end of March into April. A lot can happen in between now and then.

So what’s a nervous investor to do?

“Let the market tell you what those catalysts are so you can prepare for them and not be surprised when they happen,” McCullough says in the above excerpt from The Macro Show. “It’s all about where the market is when you come into it. But we also need to have the humility to let the market help us time when it actually matters.”

In other words, be patient.

Watch the full clip for more.

‘When Should I Go Bearish?' Market Timing with CEO Keith McCullough - early look