This stock's sentiment reminds me of that which used to be Budweiser's (BUD). One day, someone with Euros changed that negativity, and you know where BUD is now. I know, I know - but The Hershey Trust "will never bend". Some hedge funds have fun IM’ing one another with their narrative fallacies.

HSY reported a better than bad quarter today, and closed up +5.4% on solid volume. Short interest is vibrant at 11% of the float. If you're short it, and you think you have a unique thesis, you don't anymore (or a catalyst, for that matter).

If the stock can hold today's gains, you can buy it using a $36.17 stop loss. You'll get paid a 3.2% dividend to wait this turnaround out in the meantime.

See Howard Penney's notes for more.
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