Once a fad, trend or buzzword starts to die, it disappears almost as quickly as it surfaced, never to be heard again. The Retail industry has fallen prey to more than a few of these fads. Here are a few Retail buzzwords you don’t hear about anymore.

Remember any of these?

  • Just In Time
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Omni Channel

On a related note, this whole “Amazon is taking over the world!” thing is also just a fad, says Retail analyst Brian McGough in the video above from a recent edition of The Macro Show. Sure, the $450 billion e-comm behemoth is incredibly dominant and disruptive. But the future will evolve in ways we haven’t even considered yet.

Here’s McGough again:

“We do have e-comm versus in stores. There is a mix. We need stores. We actually need an in store experience. It just has to mesh with some kind of online experience. That’ll evolve in a way that most people can’t think of yet.”

Investing takeaways? Watch the video above for more.