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More Than $1 Trillion? Behind Record Levels of Corporate Debt Issuance - 08.17.17 EL Chart

There has been a serious tail wind of corporate debt issuance for at least the last three years.  In fact, U.S. companies have sold more than $734 billion on bonds this year through early August.  With that pace, U.S. companies should comfortably sell more than a trillion in bonds for the third year running.  

As highlighted in the Chart of the Day, along with this record level of debt issuance is a record low level of yields.  In fact, the effective yield of the BAML high yield index fell to ~5.4% earlier this summer.  For comparisons sake, this is very close to the record low of ~5.2% that the index touched in 2014.  For you bond gurus, the average duration of investment grade debt is also now at a record high of 7.5.  Needless to say, the corporate debt sails are wide open!