7 Key Discussion Points Ahead of Today's Healthcare Themes Call

07/17/17 12:58PM EDT

7 Key Discussion Points Ahead of Today's Healthcare Themes Call - hc themes

Join Hedgeye's Healthcare team – led by Tom Tobin – for a review of their 3Q17 Healthcare Themes Black Book. The call will take place Monday July 17, at 1 pm ET.

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The call will outline what we see as the most important themes in the Healthcare space and their investment implications. Which stocks will benefit the most from industry trends, and who are the most at risk?  

Maternity is still in decline, demand is soft, and stocks look stretched and priced for a fundamental re-acceleration.


  1. US Medical Economy Update - The insured medical consumer population continues to decelerate rapidly with continued deceleration into 2018. 2016 is not the low, in our view, nor is 2017, or even 2018.
  2. Health Care Policy Update - Emily Evans, Sector Head of Health Care Policy, will cover ACA repeal, Section 1115 waivers, and state budget actions.  Odds are better than even that Congress will pass something to address problems with the ACA, but absent Federal action, policy headwinds (Hospitals) and tailwinds (Behavioral) continue to develop.
  3. Total Knee Arthroplasty moving off of the CMS Inpatient Only List - We believe CMS will move TKA off the inpatient only list, exposing hospitals and device manufacturers to a -30% reimbursement cut, supply cost, and labor pressure, while also providing a sizable opportunity for ASCs.
  4. Florida Case Study - We gathered data to be able to analyze ambulatory and inpatient volume through 4Q16, including detailed TKA volume down to the physician level, and detailed maternity data.  We'll discuss the data.
  5. Drug Pricing - What will the Feds do?  We'll preview our upcoming Black Book on Drug Pricing.
  6. Maternity - Recent data updates both confirm our methodology and point to continued declines in 2Q17. Mednax(MD) is the most exposed, but maternity remains a key driver for hospitals as well.
  7. Nurse Scarcity - According to our data, the nurse population is neither retiring in mass nor looking for work.  In a low demand environment, a tight labor market for RNs appears to be an ongoing problem for providers, especially AMN.


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