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In New York City yesterday, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough and Senior Macro analyst Darius Dale were busy visiting a number of institutional investors, ranging from behemoth long-only investors to credit to event-driven hedge funds.

What are even some of the smartest investors in the world missing right now?

“There were so many questions about what’s happening politically,” McCullough said on The Macro Show this morning. Virtually all of the large institutional investors were asking about Trump’s tax plans and what’s going to happen with healthcare laws.

“I don’t think people are as clean-cut, sharp or concise as they should be on where growth and profits are currently and moreover where they’re about to go in Q2 and Q3,” McCullough says. “I believe we have clarity on what’s been reported in corporate profit growth and real-time data over the past six months.” U.S. economic and profit growth are heating up.