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The Macau Metro Monitor.  December 4th, 2009.

COMMISSION CAP, RIP destination-macau.com

DM learned this week that the enforcement of the junket commission cap was not going as smoothly as planned.  One of the six concessionaires persuaded the regulators that “revenue-share deals should be left out of the regulatory framework”.  When posing the question “who runs this town?” DM outlines that the junkets are constituents and do have a powerful voice.   Nevertheless, they believe that the junket commission cap has been read into too much as an indicator of whether to buy or sell the concessionaires’ stocks.  Volumes are far more dependent on credit lines extended to junkets and direct players than small extra play they can generate through junket commissions.   DM expects December to be a strong month in Macau.


Retail sales grew 17% year-over-year, to MOP 5.56 billion, in Macau in the third quarter, according to figures released by the Statistics and Census Service.  In volume terms, retail sales increased 14.8% annually in the third quarter.  For the first nine months of the year, the cumulative value of retail sales totaled MOP 15.69 billion, up 13% from the first nine months of 2008.