We will be hosting a Black Book call titled “Has the European Project Come to an End?” on Thursday, March 23rd at 11:00am ET. Led by Matt Hedrick and Darius Dale of the Hedgeye Macro team, we’ll offer up a look at the changing political nature of the EU and Eurozone and provide a detailed quantitative and fundamental outlook on the region. 

CLICK HERE to watch live. 

Black Book Invite | Has the European Project Come to an End? (3/23/17 at 11:00am ET) - Slide1


  • How has the political current changed and what have we learned from recent elections?
  • How are the political campaigns in Germany and France shaping up?
  • Per our proprietary country risk analysis, which economies will be the biggest winners and losers over both the intermediate and long term?


As always, our prepared remarks will be followed by a live, anonymous Q&A session. Please submit your questions to . Also, for those of you who cannot join us live, we will be distributing a replay video of the call shortly after it concludes.

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-The Hedgeye Macro Team