This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons

10/15/16 07:55AM EDT

Our cartoonist Bob Rich captures the tenor on Wall Street every weekday in Hedgeye's widely-acclaimed Cartoon of the Day. Below are his five latest cartoons. We hope you enjoy his humor and wit as filtered through Hedgeye's market insights. (Click here to receive our daily cartoon for free.)



1. Turning A Blind Eye (10/14/2016)

This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons - White House economist cartoon 10.14.2016

Jason Furman, chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, actually said last week, "I don't think you're late cycle... I just don't believe in the concept of late cycle." We crowned that statement "the most glaringly irresponsible statement" of the day. 

2. Crude "Cuts" (10/13/2016)

This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons - Oil cartoon 10.13.2016

OPEC sits on ~80% of global crude reserves but has "virtually no control" over how much crude its members produce.

3. Economic "Growth" (10/12/2016)

This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons - sine curve cartoon 10.12.2016

U.S. economic growth continues down the slope, from 3% to 2% to 1% to...

4. Bailouts! (10/11/2016)

This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons - bankers bailing cartoon 10.11.2016

Central bankers are trying to bail out the sinking global economy. But the water keeps on coming in.

5. Economic Ills (10/10/2016)

This Week In Hedgeye Cartoons - cyclicals cartoon 10.11.2016

We are entering the slowest part of the U.S. economic cycle and there's no cure for these economic ills.

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