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Takeaway: This is a brief (complimentary) excerpt from this morning's Early Look note.

Early Look: Simple Themes  - john wayne

Love us or hate us, there is no nuance in the calls we make. It’s either buy, sell, or do nothing. Our Global Macro Themes are simple: Growth accelerating or slowing; Inflation accelerating or slowing. And we focus on policy in between. Hashtag. Rinse and repeat.

If you have talented friends on the Old Wall who have been struggling to sell research, tell them to give us a buzz. We can help them if they are ready to help themselves. What sells is making real calls (long and short) using a repeatable process.

When it comes to making macro calls, other than marketing perma-bull, there’s no process in looking for reasons why SPY should go up. Tell me why it should go up. And, perversely, if you had the #GrowthSlowing theme right, you’d have kept it simple and honest...

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