Mr. Rosengren, What Are You Thinking?

09/09/16 11:03AM EDT

Mr. Rosengren, What Are You Thinking? - z cbb

well Now you know

This is what your portfolio will look like if the Fed hikes (again) into a slowdown.

Boston Fed head Eric Rosengren's "time to hike" comments must be part of a new Federal Reserve policy initiative to be anti-data-dependent. In the face of very obvious U.S. #GrowthSlowing data, he just ramped the Fed Funds Futures on a SEP hike from 20% to 34%

That's why stocks and bonds are down. That's also giving you an immediate-term TRADE oversold signal in most things I like.

I'll leave you with the chart below. Wasn't this Janet Yellen's favorite indicator once upon a time?

Mr. Rosengren, What Are You Thinking? - z lmci

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