A Truly Sad Wall Street Narrative = "There Is No Alternative To Stocks"

Takeaway: Wall Street's "there is no alternative to stocks" narrative now completely ignores crashing markets in China, Europe, and Japan.

Unfortunately the “there’s no alternative to stocks” narrative hasn’t held this year in China, Europe, or Japan – Nikkei down another -1.2% overnight taking its crash from the 2015 high to -21.7% (Japanese Gov Pension fund just lost $52B being long stocks in Q2, with the BOJ buying them!)


Take a look at Italy...



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Daily Market Data Dump: Friday

Takeaway: A closer look at global macro market developments.

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Daily Market Data Dump: Friday - equity markets 8 26


Daily Market Data Dump: Friday - sector performance 8 26


Daily Market Data Dump: Friday - volume 8 26


Daily Market Data Dump: Friday - rates and spreads 8 26


Daily Market Data Dump: Friday - currencies 8 26


Daily Market Data Dump: Friday - commodities 8 26

Poll of the Day: Which Movie Below Best Captures Janet Yellen's Fed Tenure?

Takeaway: What do you think? Cast your vote. Let us know.



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CHART OF THE DAY: Don't Break Out The Bubbly Just Yet

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"... As can be seen in the Chart of the Day below, Forward Capex Plans as measured by a composite of the Fed Regional Surveys remains on its one-way street to lower-lows, suggesting the negative trend in investment spending is unlikely to ebb in the coming quarter(s)."


CHART OF THE DAY: Don't Break Out The Bubbly Just Yet - Capex Plans CoD2

The Big Joke: Animated Cartoon Nails Squirrely Fed

In this excerpt from The Macro Show, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough explains why Fed policy is a joke (with a little help from our incomparable cartoonist Bob Rich). 

Cartoon of the Day: Fed-Induced Hyperventilation

Cartoon of the Day: Fed-Induced Hyperventilation - Jackson Hole cartoon 08.25.2016


The epidemic that's sweeping over Wall Street has been officially dubbed by physicians, "Fed-Induced Hyperventilation."


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