3 Key Discussion Points Ahead Of Our Institutional Call On Pandora | $P

3 Key Discussion Points Ahead Of Our Institutional Call On Pandora | $P - Little pig cartoon

Pandora (P) is currently on our Internet & Media analyst Hesham Shaaban's Best Ideas List as a long. He is hosting a call today at 1pm ET to update his thesis and dissect the company's latest quarterly report. Here are the key discussion points.


Takeaway: The Fed nonsense is just starting to heat up.

Nonsense - Fed birdbrain cartoon 06.15.2015


There's a curious rhyme to Fed policy that's worth noting. Year-to-date, the Fed has pivoted from...


  1. Hawkish, December
  2. Dovish, March
  3. Hawkish, May
  4. Dovish, June
  5. Hawkish, July


Even more interesting is the effervescent hopes and dreams of most regional Fed governors about raising interest rates. That manifests most foolishly in San Francisco Fed head John Williams who forsaw as many as five rate hikes in 2016.


Nonsense - costanza

It doesn't end there...


Here's the latest nonsense from Dallas Fed president Robert Kaplan which reaffirms our #LowerForLonger call on interest rates:


8/25/16: Dallas Fed head Kaplan sees rate hike in the "not too distant future."

4/16/16Dallas Fed head Kaplan sees rate hike in the "not too distant future."


Nonsense - fed kaplan



Rather than studying the basic history of economic cycles, Fed officials are digging in their heels and clenching onto their dogmatic economic ideas. Central bankers from all over the world are dogpiling into Jackson Hole for this week's Fed-sponsored economic symposium. The theme of the meeting is "Designing Resilient Monetary Policy Frameworks For The Future."


In other words, if you're hoping the central planning will stop, don't hold your breath.

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Another Buying Opportunity...

Takeaway: Own Long Bonds, Gold and Platinum? Get long #GrowthSlowing.

There have been plenty “buying opportunities” (why is it that they never call them that in the Long Bond or Gold?) this year. Gold was one of them yesterday as we tapped the low-end of my immediate-term risk range = $1319-1365.


Anything that’s not hawkish from Janet should be bearish for Bond Yields; bullish for Gold and Platinum. (Note: Gold and Platinum are up 25% and 22% year-to-date respectively.)



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August 25, 2016

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  • Bullish Trend
  • Bearish Trend
  • Neutral

10-Year U.S. Treasury Yield
1.59 1.49 1.56
S&P 500
2,168 2,190 2,175
Russell 2000
1,221 1,249 1,237
NASDAQ Composite
5,170 5,265 5,217
SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Explore
34.65 37.90 37.10
1,211 1,246 1,221
Nikkei 225 Index
16,302 16,908 16,597
German DAX Composite
10,407 10,790 10,622
Volatility Index
11.15 14.33 13.45
U.S. Dollar Index
93.80 96.00 94.74
1.10 1.13 1.13
Japanese Yen
99.11 102.45 100.47
Light Crude Oil Spot Price
43.09 49.07 46.77
Natural Gas Spot Price
2.50 2.88 2.84
Gold Spot Price
1,319 1,362 1,329
Copper Spot Price
2.07 2.17 2.08
Apple Inc.
107.12 109.99 108.03
749 775 757
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
63.26 66.19 65.95
Intel Corp.
34.11 35.68 35.15
Westinghouse Air Brake Tech Corp.
70.60 76.70 75.89
Hewlett-Packard Co.
13.45 14.59 14.40

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INVITE | P Best Idea Long | Call TODAY at 1pm EDT

Takeaway: We will host a conference call TODAY at 1pm EDT to present P as a new Best Idea Long. Dialing Instructions below.

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  1. AD MODEL IS SO POORLY MONETIZED THAT: P’s ad-supported model hasn't produce any real operating leverage/cash flow to date, and is now more expensive to run post Web IV.  P’s 2Q results reinforce our long-standing view that revenue growth is tied to its salesforce growth, meaning the ad model may never get off the ground. That said...
  2. VERY LITTLE SUB CONVERSION GOES A LONG WAY: The sub model is far more lucrative from both a revenue and margin perspective.  The stark difference b/w the two models means the expanded sub launch is a massive growth opportunity, particularly in the initial years, maybe more depending on how aggressively P commits to it.
  3. P = CALL OPTION: Basically a hedged bet: mgmt either executes on its sub expansion (new deals + revenue) or is forced to entertain acquisition offers if can’t do so, which should buoy the stock at a minimum.  The former offers more upside, but the stock should end up much higher either way by this time next year, if not sooner.



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