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Takeaway: The 10s/2s yield spread was down -6bps on the week & down -41bps year-to-date. Got #GrowthSlowing?

Another “scare” of “rising 10yr yields” met with another ramp in long-term bonds last week; we’re up to $13.4T in negative yielding bonds globally now (vs. 13.1T last wk) as global growth continues to look like Yield Spreads (slowing); UST 10yr down another beep to 1.50% this morning and the USA Yield Spread testing YTD lows at 80bps (short Banks #reiterated).

Got #GrowthSlowing? These Poor Central Planners Just Don't Get It - 10yr2yr 8 15

Editor's Note: The snippet above is from a note written by the Hedgeye Macro team and sent to subscribers this morning. Click here to learn more.