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Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt and chart from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye Managing Director Tom Tobin. Click here to learn more.

"... The US Medical economy is currently in very good shape, particularly for providers and investors. During the healthcare crisis 20 years ago Matt Damon played Rudy in “Rainmaker,” a not-quite Jason Bourne hero fighting an evil health insurance company, so maybe we’ve travelled some distance. But as we will detail tomorrow in our Healthcare Themes call, we think we are going back to normal for investors and providers.


In 2016, growth in insured medical consumers will slow, the country will go back to hating insurance companies, continue to pay even higher premiums and deductibles, creating more medical debt, with more political “crisis-mongering,” and a general re-awakening to the reality that affordability for individuals, state and federal government, employers, providers and insurers is still out of reach. For the investor class this will be a jarring experience for those that are unprepared."

CHART OF THE DAY: Healthcare Investors, This Will Be A Jarring Experience - 20160701 InsuredPopulation