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CHART OF THE DAY: Happy Canada Day From Your Canadian Buds At Hedgeye!

Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt and chart from today's Early Look written by Hedgeye Director of Research Daryl Jones. Click here to learn more. 


"... Happy Canada Day from your Canadian buds at Hedgeye!"


CHART OF THE DAY: Happy Canada Day From Your Canadian Buds At Hedgeye! - 07.01.16 EL Chart

The Dominion

“A Canadian is someone who knows how to make love in a canoe without tipping.”

-Pierre Burton


Unlike its more populous neighbor to the South, which fought a protracted War of Independence from 1775 – 1783, Canada’s ascent to nationhood was peaceful. Canadian representatives travelled to London in 1866 to negotiate with British parliament and the British North America Act was passed in 1867 naming the Dominion of Canada a sovereign nation.


So, what exactly is a Dominion?  As the story goes, when the representatives from Canada were in discussions in London, the lead representative Sir John A. McDonald (who would go on to become Canada’s first Prime Minister) suggested the new country’s name be the Kingdom of Canada. The British representatives were concerned this term would offend the Americans and conversely the Canadians were reticent to accept the British suggestion of a colony.


Sir Leonard Tilley, a member of the Canada group, who had the habit of reading a chapter of the bible before bed, stumbled upon the seventy-second Psalms which reads:


"He shall have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth."


Tilley suggested the name the next morning and it was quickly accepted. The Dominion of Canada was born.  To this day, Canada’s coats of arms bears the expression, “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”, or “From Sea To Sea”.


Happy Canada Day from your Canadian buds at Hedgeye!


Back to the Global Macro Grind


Needless to say, this note isn’t about a celebration of Canada.  In fact, the ways in which both Canada and the United States gained nationhood are in some ways representative of what’s going on in current geopolitical circles.


It is, in effect, the battle of the country versus the greater region. Some of these battles are violent and some are not. In Europe, of course, we’ve seen the impact of the consensus prognosticators voting against a country leaving its region. The result was the pound and a number of other global macro markets selling off.


The Dominion - EU cartoon 06.28.2016


Despite this dramatic sell off, Treasuries have continued to make higher highs. In fact, both the 10-year and 30-year U.S. Treasuries are at new all-time lows, respectively. The U.S. 10-year is at 1.37% and the U.S. 30-year is at 2.20%.  So the flight to something, maybe safety, continues.


The rationale behind this rally in Treasuries can largely be attributed to a general view that being invested in “safe” assets is a good bet given the volatility in global markets due to the shifting geopolitical landscape. In the Great Britain, most pundits did not expect a “leave” victory. At the same time, in the U.S. most pundits are not expecting a Trump victory.


At Hedgeye, we are extremely non-partisan but with our acquisition of Potomac Research we are increasingly finding ourselves analyzing politics in the U.S. As much as we, like many, did not feel that Trump would get the nomination, he got it.  At the same time, most pundits do not think Trump will gain the Presidency.


Despite the naysayers of a Trump Presidency, the polls are starting to suggest the race is tightening.  According the Real Clear Politics aggregate, Clinton is up on Trump by +4.8, which is outside the margin error. Further, in one of the most recent polls by Rasmussen, Trump is up against Hillary by +4.0%.  According to Rasmussen:


“Trump now earns 75% support among his fellow Republicans and picks up 14% of the Democratic vote. Seventy-six percent (76%) of Democrats like Clinton, as do 10% of GOP voters. Both candidates face a sizable number of potential defections because of unhappiness with them in their own parties.”


So, the big shift has been that more Democrats are now considering voting for Trump.  Whether this shift towards Trump continues remains to be seen, but the late inning shift does make us reminiscent of Great Britain where the “anti-establishment” vote ruled the day.


The combination of market volatility and uncertainty related to Brexit means that funds have dramatically underperformed in the year-to- date.  In fact, according to Bloomberg, hedge funds are off to their worst start since 2011.  According to Hedge Fund Research’s Global Hedge Fund Index, hedge funds have lost 1.8% this year.


A key reason hedge funds have underperformed is that many funds are crowded into similar trades. In that vein, a recent investment / trade idea we’ve had is related to Australian housing. We think there is still alpha left in this one and according to our Financials Team the short thesis is as follows:

  • One Trick Pony - We had assumed Australia's lifeblood was digging holes in the ground, but we found instead that the country's real lifeblood is pouring the foundation into those holes and then selling it. 
  • Over-construction - Construction is running amuck. There are almost 15x as many residential construction cranes in Australia per capita as there are in the major cities of North America.
  • King of the Bubbles - Australia's real home prices rose +120% between Q1 1990 and Q4 2014. Even Canada - another favorite property bubble of ours - which rose +67% over the same time period - looks modest by comparison.
  • Living on a Prayer - Australians are literally banking on the assumption that home prices keep going up forever. Home equity extraction in Australia dwarfs what was seen in the U.S. in the 2004-2006 bubble top.

Those are just the bullet points, but if you’d like more info on the short Australian housing then please email .


Our immediate-term Global Macro Risk Ranges are now: 


UST 10yr Yield 1.36-1.57%

SPX 1 

VIX 14.41-25.99
USD 94.90-97.15

Gold 1


Keep your head up and stick on the ice,


Daryl G. Jones

Director of Research


The Dominion - 07.01.16 EL Chart

100 handle 3-day swings in SPY

Client Talking Points


“but UK stocks are up”… yeah, lol – for a trade… and they had to eviscerate both the Pound (back down to $1.32 this am) and UK Bond Yields to all-time lows (UK 10yr -57bps in the last month alone to 0.84%) to get there… what’s next for banks with the giving up of a lot of free market liberty for short-term centrally planned market gains?


We’re seeing fresh all-time lows in the USA’s 10yr this morning (briefly touching 1.40%) – obviously the higher return (especially on a volatility adjusted basis) position, for a year now, has remained long the Long Bond (TLT) instead of US Equity Beta (SPY) and Micron (MU) is just a preview of Earnings Season; risk range on VIX = 14-27! 


We've never seen so many celebrate being back to “up” on the year (are you?), when the real proxies #GrowthSlowing are absolutely crushing it, for epic absolute and relative gains – Gold up another +1% this AM to $1335/oz = +26% YTD after Utilities (XLY) ramped another +2.2% yesterday to an eye-popping 21.2% YTD (vs. Financials XLF -4.1% YTD).

Asset Allocation

6/30/16 58% 0% 0% 12% 26% 4%
7/1/16 58% 0% 0% 12% 26% 4%

Asset Allocation as a % of Max Preferred Exposure

6/30/16 58% 0% 0% 36% 79% 12%
7/1/16 58% 0% 0% 36% 79% 12%
The maximum preferred exposure for cash is 100%. The maximum preferred exposure for each of the other assets classes is 33%.

Top Long Ideas

Company Ticker Sector Duration

In Great Britain, the people voted for freedom and not for the broken promises that central planners can bend and smooth economic gravity. The #BeliefSystem is breaking down and despite the fact that every central banker around the world was out Friday talking about “stepping in.”

As we’ve mentioned, the bond market has gotten the #GrowthSlowing call right all along.


Looking at other markets (yes there are other markets), maybe being long the Long Bond (TLT) for almost two years and sitting long of Gold (GLD) was too boring for some people, you have to ask yourself what you’re buying in broader equity indices with an ongoing earnings and cyclical slowdown. The second quarter of 2016 is setting up as the 5th consecutive quarter of Y/Y earnings declines for the S&P 500, the longest streak since the quarter ending in Q3 2009.


We want to be long of continued growth decelerating and inflation picking up from a GIP modeling perspective into the back half of 2016. TIPS are a great way to play both of these views along with our GLD (reflation) and TLT (growth slowing) positions.

 The policy response globally will continue to be, currency devaluation and monetary easing with the intent to create inflation, and we take their commitment to this very seriously .

Three for the Road


Who #Trump May Tap for Veep (and Why a #Clinton/#Warren Ticket Is Unlikely) app.hedgeye.com/insights/52097… @HedgeyePotomac pic.twitter.com/5lrZuhNsct



“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle stand like a rock. 

–Thomas Jefferson 


Lenny Dykstra had a career batting average of .285, his best year was in 1990 when he hit .325.

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Who Trump May Tap for Veep (and Why a Clinton/Warren Ticket Is Unlikely)


Hedgeye Potomac Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor discusses who Donald Trump may be eyeing for Vice-President and why a Hillary Clinton / Elizabeth Warren ticket is an unlikely proposition. 

JT TAYLOR: Capital Brief

JT TAYLOR:  Capital Brief - JT   Potomac banner 2

“On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.”
                                                                               ― Thomas Jefferson


TRUMP’S TRADE TIRADE: Donald Trump’s protectionist and populist trade talk is becoming a big fly in the ointment for Republicans. He pledges to abolish policies that send American jobs overseas, threatens to impose tariffs on Chinese imports, promises to punish companies that move manufacturing to countries with cheaper labor, and bashes the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for their “insider deals” - even though economists of all stripes argue that Trump’s trade stance would be devastating to the economy and global trade. Trump is making a calculated move on two fronts: go after both Clintons and their backing of trade deals over the decades, and woo working class voters and Democrats at the expense of main street Republicans and support from the business community. Someone had better buy up Trump’s foreign made clothing line before he gets elected...


HAMPERING HILLARY: In contrast to Trump, June was a good month for Hillary Clinton – she’s climbed in the polls, garnered important endorsements, and dodged a number of potential setbacks. She even broke ground on confronting the trust and likeability issues that have dogged her for years and then, BAM!, the State Department email issue resurfaces in earnest - courtesy of her top aide’s sit down with the Justice Department and her husband’s indiscreet conversation with U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch - who this morning announced she would not overrule the final decision by prosecutors and the FBI in the case. It’s been nearly a year since the inspector general raised concerns over Clinton’s server, and despite comments that they plan to continue the case further, there’s increasing speculation that the Justice Department has set the date of the convention later this month as an unofficial deadline to finish the probe.


TRUMP VEEPSTAKES: While Trump has mostly been moving in the right direction, there’s still an abundance of doubt within his party – he has yet to receive big-name endorsements or even put the convention on solid footing. Trump can quickly allay that doubt once he names his veep. The right veep, that is. Choosing his running mate will anchor support from many in his party as well as provide a foundation for his yet-to-be-unveiled policy agenda. Trump plans for a convention reveal, but we think he’ll do it before – he needs momentum going into the convention. 


CLASH OF THE CLANS: The Senate Appropriations Committee reached a milestone this week, overwhelmingly clearing the 12th and final annual spending bill at the earliest point since 1988. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is standing by his promise to complete the process of funding the government on time. That is, unless we see a standoff with House counterparts, who have yet to introduce one-fourth of their spending bills well into the annual appropriations season. Speaker Paul Ryan has made it a priority to fund the government judiciously and plans to do so – but this year could end up like last - with another year-end collision.


LABOR GAINS: The AFL-CIO is making its first charge into the 2016 Senate races with big-money digital ad buys in six key races - OH, MO, PA, NV, FL and WI. Messages are centered on issues like trade, Wall Street, paid family leave, and investment in our infrastructure – but the ads are also asking voters to sign a petition challenging the Republican candidate in the race - a tactic used to gather voter data. With an uptick in Republican fundraising and focus on data in recent weeks, Democratic allies are wasting no time to stay ahead of the game.  


BROADCAST INCENTIVE AUCTION WILL TAKE MORE TIME: Our Telecommunications-Media Policy Analyst Paul Glenchur shared his insight on the initial broadcast spectrum reverse auction and why the figure seems too expensive for carriers, forcing more stages. You can read his piece here.


We're back mid-week next week - wishing everyone a safe and happy July 4th weekend.

The Macro Show with Keith McCullough Replay | July 1, 2016

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An audio-only replay of today's show is available here.

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