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Takeaway: Hillary's Headache, Trump Triumphs; Bernie v. Donald?; OPEC

Hillary's Headache... Trump's Triumph... & Why $50 Oil Creates Tension At Next Week's OPEC Meeting - capital brief

Editor's Note: Below is a brief excerpt from Hedgeye Potomac Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor's Capital Brief sent to institutional clients each morning. For more information on how you can access our institutional research please email sales@hedgeye.com.


Hillary's Headache... Trump's Triumph... & Why $50 Oil Creates Tension At Next Week's OPEC Meeting - hillary clinton 44

The State Department’s IG released an in-depth report regarding Hillary Clinton’s controversial email use when she was Secretary of State. The report comes as Clinton continues to struggle with trust and favorability numbers. Although Clinton did not break any laws, it’s clear that she didn’t follow the rules. Despite her confidence moving forward, the controversy will continue to saddle her throughout her campaign - and if that doesn’t give one a big enough headache - the FBI is conducting a criminal investigation that could result in the DOJ pressing formal charges.  Did you hear that roar coming from Trump Tower?


Hillary's Headache... Trump's Triumph... & Why $50 Oil Creates Tension At Next Week's OPEC Meeting - trump 7

Well, it’s official. Donald J. Trump is the official Republican nominee garnering enough delegates to secure his spot on the ballot come November. Although Trump has surpassed the amount of delegates needed to win the nomination outright, look for Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and Governor John Kasich to play roles in this year’s convention agenda as they attempt to leverage their respective delegates.


Another primary debate is the last thing this country needs, but what if it’s between two diametrically opposed candidates (with a few exceptions) - one who has his nomination locked up and the other who doesn’t and won’t?  Sure, we’ll tune in. Bernie and the Donald are considering debating each other on the main stage ahead of the CA primary on June 7.  Now for two minutes ponder all of the issues that will come to the fore. In our opinion, Sanders has an opportunity to inflict more damage given that “he’ll do everything to defeat Donald Trump” hence softening him up for Hillary - or will it backfire and end up hurting her?

Why $50 Oil Creates Tension At Next Week's OPEC Meeting

Oil bulls are no doubt pleased that oil passed the $50 threshold on Thursday but the recent rally may create tension at the June 2 OPEC meeting. Our colleague Joe McMonigle departs tonight for Vienna to attend various pre-meeting salons and the meeting on Thursday. Joe will write notes from Vienna and hold a client call on Wednesday, June 1 to provides the latest updates.

While the rally is certainly welcome news for many OPEC members, Joe believes the Saudis see the price rebound as premature serving as a lifeline for US shale production. Stay tuned for daily reports on OPEC week in Vienna from Hedgeye in the bullets.