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Takeaway: The reality remains that small cap stocks are in rough shape.

Small Caps Flirt With Full-Blown Crash Mode - Russell cartoon 12.02.2014

As Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough noted to subscribers this morning:

"The Russell 2000 lagged (again) last week, dropping -2.0% on the week (vs. -0.7% for the SP500); at -16.7% from its all-time high in July, RUT is back to within 330 bps of being in crash mode (> 20% decline from the July peak); Russell 2000 peaked when US corporate profits peaked (Q2 of 2015)." 


Small Caps Flirt With Full-Blown Crash Mode - russell 2000 high

Meanwhile, the average Russell 3000 stock (98% of the available U.S. equity universe) is down -29.2% from it's 52-week high.

Still feeling bullish?

Small Caps Flirt With Full-Blown Crash Mode - Small cap canaries 09.23.2014