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Our deep bench of analysts take to HedgeyeTV every weekday to update subscribers on Hedgeye's high conviction stock ideas and evolving macro trends. Whether it's on The Macro ShowReal-Time Alerts Live or other exclusive live events, HedgeyeTV is always chock full of insight.

Below is a taste of the most recent week in HedgeyeTV. (Like what you see? Click here to subscribe for free to our YouTube channel.)


1. Under 60 Seconds: Tiffany's Earnings Report | $TIF (3/18/2016)


Hedgeye Retail analyst Brian McGough highlights three key points from Tiffany's latest earnings report.

2. Why This Presidential Election Will Be A ‘Bare Knuckle Brawl’ (3/18/2016)

In this brief HedgeyeTV video excerpt, Potomac Research Group Chief Political Strategist JT Taylor recaps Super Tuesday, with Hedgeye Director of Research Daryl Jones, and discusses who will be the next Democratic and Republican nominees. 

3. REPLAY on HedgeyeTV | Tom Tobin on What's Next For VRX and Much More (3/17/2016)

Healthcare Analysts Tom Tobin and Andrew Freedman were live in the studio earlier today. Watch the replay below. 

CLICK HERE to download the slides associated with this presentation.

Topics will included:

  • JOLTS release this morning
  • Update on MEDNAX (MD)
  • Key takeaways from their proprietary maternity tracker
  • And what's next for Valeant (VRX)


4. McCullough: The Belief System Is Breaking Down (3/16/2016)

In this excerpt from The Macro Show this morning, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough responds to a subscriber’s question on investing in a world riddled with global central bank interventionism.

5. REPLAY | Restaurants & Consumer Staples Q&A (3/15/2016)

Our Restaurants and Consumer Staples analysts Howard Penney and Shayne Laidlaw were LIVE in the studio Wednesday. The duo discussed key issues affecting investors including industry trends, recent developments and provide an overview of their best ideas.

CLICK HERE to download the slides for this presentation.  

6. Rickards: Why Gold Is Going To $10,000 (3/15/2016)

Bestselling author Jim Rickards sits down with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough to discuss his new book “The New Case for Gold” and why a cocktail of factors makes it more critical than ever for investors to protect their portfolios with gold. 

7. McCullough: Beware the Reflation Trade Risk (3/14/2016)

In this brief excerpt of The Macro Show earlier today, Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough discusses this week’s Fed meeting, the recent reflation trade bounce and takes a deep dive into commodities markets. 

8. Young Guns | How Slowing U.S. Growth Impacts Sectors (3/19/2016)

REPLAY! This Week On HedgeyeTV - young guns recessionary 

In this edition of Young Guns, Hedgeye’s millennial-aged analysts Andrew Freedman (Healthcare), Alec Richards (Retail) and Ben Ryan (Materials) discuss how current macro trends are impacting their sectors – the balance between macro and fundamentals, the economic trends that matter, and stocks that outperform in a slow growth environment.